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    Wide-ranging organize over a trading account:

    When you're on-the-move, use Edeal Markets MT4 Mobile to access your Trading Account and trade through your Android mobile phone and tablet.
    Our Edeal Markets MT4 Android Platform is comparable with our full-function Trading Terminal. You will be able to fully access the financial markets
    and make orders from anywhere in the world. Apply technical analysis and chart the movements to all the instruments we offer.Bringing both advanced
    charting and trading tools together, with flexibility for the trader on-the-move, Edeal Markets MT4 Android is an ideal choice.The Edeal Markets Android
    Application requires Android OS version 4.0 or higher.


    »   Complete control over a trading account

    »   Possibility to work from anywhere

    »   All types of orders

    »   Wide range of smartphones and tablet PCs

    »   Over 20 Indicators.

    »   Real-time trading from a live tick chart

    »   Place Buy/Sell/Pending Orders

    »   Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

    »   Close and Modify Existing Orders

    »  Real Time Profit/Loss of Live Trades.

    »   View Past history

    »   Real-time interactive currency charts

    »   Real-time market price overview

    »  Secure and confidential