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    Wide-ranging organize over a trading account:

    Edeal Markets iPhone Forex Trading App is an iPhone compatible trading platform, designed especially to offer you the advantage
    of trading on-the-go with full functionality, provided you have either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection available.

    Furthermore, the Edeal Markets iPhone App offers you the following benefits and advantages:

    »   Enter instant and pending orders

    »   View past order history

    »   Modify Trades

    »   Monitor live orders

    »   Set stop-loss, take-profit and more

    »   See tick chart in real time

    »   One-click execution for market orders

    »   Real time rates delivery with no delays

    »   Favourites screen that offer the ability to customize the display of rates table

    »   Dynamic monitoring of account details:open positions, pending orders, balance and equity

    »   History screen to monitor previous orders and funds within any given time frame

    »   More: News Calendar, Pip Calculator,RSS News and Personal Contact Page.