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eDeal Markets MT4 Terminal

MT stands for MetaTrader.MT4 Terminal is a platform every traders need, which was built by satisfying all regulatory and standards across the world. It possesses best in class features to track, study, research and execute order with complete transparency. It has many analytical tools and easily accessible tools with minimum effort of inputs. MT4 platforms are accessible through all major computer operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and all smart phones. Download Meta Trader 4 and login to trade forex, spot metals and spot energies. Although this is not an official release by eDeal market or MetaQuotes, it’s a workaround for Mac users to have the MT4 terminal on their computer.

The eDeal Markets MT4 Terminal offers a number of impressive analytical tools:

The tool provides sufficient and reliable analysis for almost all forex instruments ETF, Forward, Future, Option, Spot and Swap. More than 65 built in indicators give a clear picture of analysis outcome to decide entry and exit points in executing the trades.


  • Complete friendly interface for ease of use.
  • News feeds every second to keep traders updated.
  • Ready state analytical tools for your requirement.
  • Various best in class charts and calculations.
  • Developing advises from experts to use them on the go.
  • Multilingual platform.
  • Anytime account statement.
  • Real time fund details, summary of portfolios, unrealized / realized profits and loss and allocations.
  • Effective and efficient indicators to determine trade dependencies and trailing stop loss facility.
Download eDeal MT4 Terminal Download Manual
 eDeal MT4 Terminal


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