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Business Introducer

Business Introducer

The BI’s(also often referred to as IB) relationship with eDeal allows individuals and/or corporations to establish a professional business relationship with eDeal.

This partnership is conducted through the introduction of Clients to eDeal services, BI’s are rewarded by the means of rebates and/or commissions depending on the agreement signed with eDeal.

We provide you with everything you need to bring such partnership to a mutually beneficial outcome.

How Business Introducer (“BI”) bonuses:

BI’s can earn an additional monthly income from the trades of their referred clients. At eDeal,we offer rewarding rebates to our BI’s.


  • BI Manager monitoring system
  • Rewarding rebate programs
  • Detailed monthly rebate statements



Referring clients, BI’s and other types of partners to eDeal is the simplest form of partnership! Do you have a big network of acquaintances who could be interested in trading or learning more about the financial markets? Do you want a way to make additional income?

Recommending clients to an established investment firm with well experience in the markets will not only be putting your acquaintances in contact with the right investment firm but will also benefit you with financial rewards.

The process is simple. We will contact your acquaintances and offer them our services. For all those who that decide to work with us you will be compensated for referring them to us. The compensation will depend on the type of service they were interested in and will be for as long as these acquaintances are active.For this type of cooperation, there are simply NO limitations, NO minimum referrals, NO costs, NO risks!


  • No cost for referral or referred clients
  • No obligation on minimum referrals
  • No logistics required

Web Affiliates

Web Affiliates

Do you own a website?

Do you want an easy way to make extra income through your website with minimal effort?

If the answer is yes, this is the partnership for you!

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method that has rapidly become one of the most popular and successful methods of online marketing. It is the practice in which a business rewards its affiliates for each trading account generated from directed traffic.

No financial commitment is necessary. All that is required is an active website. It really is that simple!


  • Provide real-time market quotes
  • Execute buy and sell orders

Why become our affiliate partner?

  • Easy, fast and flexible set up
  • Attractive and rewarding packages
  • Tracking capabilities
  • No set up costs
  • Reporting system
  • How to become an active affiliate partner?

White Label

White Label

Promote your own brand in the online trading industry with a tailor made package all set to go.

The White Label is a remarkable gateway for newly established and existing financial investment firms to launch, develop and/or promote their brand in the online trading sector.

White Label Clients benefit from a complete package; ready products, services and support!

Advantages presented to White Label Clients include:

  • White Label monitoring system
  • No hardware &/or software development required
  • Ready quote feeds
  • No risk as clearing and order executions are directly performed by Windsor
  • Full training on the trading platforms and related procedures
  • Fully branded and Co-branded trading platform.
  • White Label partners also have the option of customizing their own fee structure depending on the agreement signed with eDeal.
  • Expand your Client base by linking your business related products and services to those offered by "Windsor.Combine..." your product or service and strengthen your brand name by linking it with eDeal.

    If you offer a product or a service related to the product and services offered by eDeal, Why not strengthen what you offer and link it to eDeal?

    Your Clients will benefit and so will you.

    For example if you offer training courses and your Clients open trading accounts with eDeal, They can simply earn back what they have spent!


  • Powerful promotional tools
  • Proficient use of eDeal brand and reputation
  • Valuable rebates reaching end users with minimum cost

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