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eDeal Markets Android Trader

The eDeal Markets Android TraderWide-ranging organize over a trading account:

MT4 mobile application is compatible with android version 4.0 or higher. This best fits in your android phone and enable trading anytime from anywhere. You will love it using from the device you always hold as it has all the charting and analysis functionalities as is like working in PC. The App continuously updates itself with updates and feeds from industry experts and enables a unique execution speed like desktop version provided a stable internet connection.


  • Control over your trading account 24/7.
  • Incomparable features as in MT4 PC terminal.
  • Almost lives with android phones and tablets.
  • No limitations in orders, analysis and indicators.
  • Best in best encryption methodology that makes 200% fool proof.
  • Real time feeds, updates, experts advise to secure your decision.
  • Anytime account statements from historical to current day .
  • Convenient UI and Interactive charts and dashboards.
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eDeal Markets Android Trader


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eDeal Markets Android Trader
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